Our Network

Connect to our network by connecting to irc.canternet.org.
We're listening on 6666-6669, and 6660-6665 plus 6697 for SSL.

Our Staff

We work hard to keep the network stable and uptime high. Our list of staff is diverse and available all time of day.

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Help and Support

We offer two forms of communication plus a handy list of the different user and channel modes in our help documents.

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Our Rules

Our rules are based on common sense. Use it, and you'll be fine. We have a list of rules that all users connected must follow.

Our Rules

Chat Now

If you want to chat now instead of setting up your own client, we have an online client set up specifically for Canternet.

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Move to Canternet

If you run a pony related IRC channel and want a stable network with useful services, Canternet is your choice.